Land grabbing in Tulear: 5000 ha stolen by the Chinese?

Land grabbing in Tulear: 5000 ha stolen by the Chinese?

In recent years, especially since the 2009 coup, land grabbing by foreigners has increased exponentially in Madagascar to the point of becoming a disaster for many Malagasy peasants. Between 2009 and 2018, tens of thousands of hectares would have been monopolized, in other words, bought for a derisory sum or stolen from the peasants with the complicity of the Malagasy authorities. It should be noted that Madagascar currently occupies the 9th place on the list of countries most courted by these land grabbers.

For example, 5000 ha of land is currently in the hands of a Chinese company, since May 2017 , in the District of Morombe , Tulear. Although there is no exact corroboration on the figures, because these thefts of land are now a state secret.
5,000 ha of land bought for only 70,000,000 Ariary!

Last year, in May 2017, people in the district of Morombe suffered massive spoliation of their land by Chinese people . The latter acquired "forcibly" nearly 5000 ha of land for only 70 000 000 Ariary , or 7 Ariary per m2 in order to set up peanut plantations. Located in the communes of Befandriana South and Antanimieva , these Malagasy peasant lands were unjustly monopolized against their will.

So they have become landless! While some local people have been evicted and ordered to leave their land, other peasants have become poorly paid farm laborers working for the Chinese .

Indeed, even today, this Chinese organization still occupies these lands of 5000 ha on which hundreds of former landowners work in precarious conditions . They have to work almost every day, and this, for 1 year to try to survive.

Restitution of the lands in the commune of Basibasy

One month after this "  Land Grabbing  " in the district of Morombe, a big event took place on June 5th, 2017 under the leadership of the MAZOTO association , directed by THEO RAKOTOVAO . This public meeting was of course brought to the attention of the current President of the Republic Hery RAJAONARIMAMPIANINA . The latter went to Tulear to proceed to a decentralized council of ministers on 22 June 2017 and denounced the same day this massive spoliation on the TV plus channel. The head of state has also promised that he would do everything possible to lift the veil on this corruption case. Unfortunately, the file has been closed .

This month of April 2018, the association MAZOTO has decided to file a complaint to inform the court of Morombe of these looting of land. Unexpectedly, the complaint concerning the theft of land in the commune of Basibasy was made favorable by the Court. Nevertheless, the latter has not yet reached a verdict with regard to the localities of Befandriana South and Antanimieva. In addition, the organization also asked BIANCO to open an investigation into these Chinese land thefts.

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