Cake smash Photography

Cake smash Photography


Cake Smash Photo Shoots are the best time to let the child play and have all the fun record on camera.  Let's be honest all children love to investigate, and cake smash photographs are the ideal approach to praise their first birthday in style. In any case, when you choose to go the DIY (Do It Yourself) course, the outcomes have a tendency to be much wonderful but a bit more wreckage. Here are few tips to shoot your baby smash phonographs in great style:

Use wooden high seats

High seats are intended to give babies a chance to encourage themselves with negligible wreckage. Be that as it may, the wreckage is the thing that makes awesome photographs of cake smash. Putting the child and the cake on a level surface gives them free rule to make a mess—and isn't that the main aim of cake smash photographs, to get all messy and adorable with kids?. You have to be creative with DIY cake smashes as when done right, could be momentous for your child and yourself.

Some of the most incredible cake crush sessions are finished with a painted wooden high seat. While even a wooden high seat keeps them from getting cake in their toes, painted wooden high seats are sweet however basic props and offer an alternate style of cake crush pictures.

 Make them giggle and laugh

The greatest issue while shooting children is motivating them to grin when they can’t see the camera, children tend to get afraid and do not smile at all. Which, in a cake smash shoot is not helping the situation at all. One of the ways to improve smiles is to have some help—normally father, grandmother or grandpa or another person they adore accomplishing something senseless.

For a cake crush, the additional help goes considerably more distant. Don’t convert the whole place into a mess of cake frosting, as that would not only be difficult to clean afterwards, but also, not a good cake smash practice. Keep the minimalistic approach, the baby and the cake on a table alone is considerably a better option to opt for.

For example, for a little girl's DIY cake smash photography session, you need a relaxed foundation with pops of shading. Begin with one thing that you might want to facilitate in the session, for example, a headband she'd worn for some time which compliments her looks. At that point, include hues that arrange or compliment that thing.

Color of cake icing

Give careful consideration to the shade of the cake icing as well. White icing may look great, however it is additionally the hardest to photo, since white items are more inclined to getting to be overexposed highlights. Consider utilizing blue icing, keeping in mind the photographs will turned out great, blue does tend to stain more than different hues.


For the fun, lively look that is accompanies cake crush photographs, search for a delicate light that is anything but difficult to work with. Alternatively, set up in a parlor amid the day, where the light rolls in from the front and left sides from a few distinct windows. That will leave you with a lot of light to shoot without a blaze, however sufficiently delicate to not leave any strange shadows.


Search for a spot in your home that has awesome window light—evade the harsher light by utilizing a substantial north or south-bound window. In case you're screwed over thanks to a window that has the sun spilling in, utilize a transparent white blind—this will go about as a cloud to diminish the daylight a bit. Obviously, if the climate coordinates, you can likewise set up outside in the shade.

If you are willing for a professional cake smash photographer for your little one’s big day, consider putting a few cash at hand. Cake smash photography prices generally start from a few hundred dollars, depending on the photographer you are calling and props you are buying at our own end.