Cake Smash Photography

Cake Smash Photography


Cake smash photography is a fairly recent trend that has caught the attention of many parents alike. Cake smash photos star little children celebrating their first birthday dressed up for the occasion and sitting next cakes which they often end up smashing.

Originated in the US and now making its way to other countries, cake smash gives a reason to parents and the child to laugh and fool around. The session unsurprisingly ends with a great a mess and a lot of photos. Cake smash sessions are usually photographed by professional photographers but you can also do it yourself at your home.

The first thing you need is a clean and free space, enough for the child to move and play around easily. Lighting is very important in these photos, you want them to be perfectly lit up and full of joy and make sure to keep the backgrounds simple. The child is the only star in these photos so it’s important that to attention is diverted from him in any shot.

Many people decide to dress their kid up in bright colors to make the photos pop but having the child in minimal clothes would just mean a little less messy so it’s up to the parents if they take it as a pro or a con. The ideal place to take these photos is on the floor this gives the child place to move around and create a lot of mess which you don’t get with a high chair. Make sure the baby is well rested and fed so he is all energetic to destroy the cake.

While it’s often said to keep it simple, let’s face it, if you want your one year old kid to go to town on a cake, you don’t want simple. So go ahead and make it as fun as you think you can. Props are always a good idea for the cake smash session. Hats, stuffed toys and balloons can be a great way to add color in the scene. Speaking of color, there should be tons of it. Don’t hold yourself back when adding colors to the shots but not so much that the picture loses focus from the baby and make sure you have coordinated colors rather than just throwing everything out there.

Selecting a cake is the next most important thing. If your child likes a certain flavor than go for it, if not, try to avoid dark colored cakes like chocolate because they are very messy to clean and don’t look that good in pictures. Try to go for light colored cakes so it’s easy to clean up afterwards and don’t get a very expensive cake from a fancy bakery, you just have to smash it anyways. As beautiful as they look, cake stands can be dangerous especially if your child likes to throw stuff.

The photos should be full of life and dynamic. Try moving around and capture the fun from every angle. Don’t start capturing when the mess begins, you should build up to it. Get a few clean shots in of the baby and of the cake before it all gets dirty. Adjust your composition and keep editing to a minimum so the shot feels as natural as possible.

Cake smash photography can be a great addition to the fun memories you have with your child and it comes at an interesting time when your baby is just starting to learn to move around and interact. Don’t take this shoot much seriously. Have some fun, fool around and laugh out loud. This is what it’s all about.