Family Photography

Family Photography


Moments with your family are some of the most priceless moments in your life. Family is always there for you no matter where or how far you go, your family always loves you. Photos are the one thing that encapsulate these wonderful moments so you can treasure them for life.

When shooting with your family, it’s important to have everyone in the frame so it’s better to hire a photographer so no one is left out. Family photos look best in outdoorsy, natural and well lit environments. So pick a place and time carefully. Select a place that means something to your family so the picture has that extra layer of nostalgia in it but indoor photography can also be a good idea for an occasion like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

After selecting a location, the next thing you want to think about are the poses. This usually depends on the size of the family and the number of people in the picture. This can be a win or loss scenario depending on how you tackle it. You have to make sure that everyone gets the attention they deserve. No one should be kept in the corner while one person takes stays the highlight in all the shots. You should have arrange in such a manner that it hides their “perceived flaws” for instance if someone is worried about gaining a few extra pounds in the last couple of months, have another person stand in front of them in such a way that it hides their belly, carter for height differences and see how you can avoid this picture being awkward.

Expressions are very important in family photography. Make sure that people don’t lifeless or artificial about their expressions. Candid photography can be a great idea. Let the family laugh and enjoy and snap the shutter just when their faces are lit up with real joy. Not every photo has to be a “ready… set… cheese” moment. Make sure you have the attention of babies or small children if they are involved because this problem happens often, the picture is perfect but one child is completely distracted. But on the other hand it’s also important to let kids be kids, don’t pressure them into a pose, let them giggle and enjoy naturally.

Something you want to avoid is boring straight line of people sitting with fake smiles. Be a little dynamic to your pictures, even if all the people are sitting try to break continuity in the photo, get them to slant their heads, or make them sit in a manner so that their heights are staggered. Try using a narrow aperture, make sure that you have everything in focus front to back. With more than five people in the picture taking a step back is the right option, see that you have ample space on either side of the frame so it doesn’t appear clustered. With small families such as a couple and one or two babies, you can bring the camera closer, the backdrop doesn’t matter anymore, bokehs work really well in these scenarios. For a young group, agile shots such as jumping in the air or piling on top of each other on grass can be a great idea to spice things up.

Be a little inventive and have fun with it. You can always make several memories while trying to capture one, let it be one those moments. Come up with something new rather than stereotypical family portrait. Don’t worry if it feels a little silly, just have a good time. Remember that it’s your family’s moment and no one is judging you for it.

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