Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Having a child is one of the most joyful experiences known to mankind. It is one the most important moments in anyone’s life and seldom do we ever forget them but to really preserve all the emotions that we went through on that miraculous day, photography is the perfect tool.

Photos have been around for ages and there’s just something about image being focused on to light sensitive material and then made visible and permanent by chemical treatment that makes us keep doing it over and over again. With the rose to power of frozenart cell phone cameras most pictures people take these days are soft copies stored on their phones or computers but one should never underestimate the strong wave of emotions and nostalgia that hits you after seeing a good old hard copy, be it an album or a frame hung up on a wall, physical photos are never dated and always make us happy.

Newborn babies are one the perfect subjects for photography both for the client and the photographer because understanding the baby is a very crucial and difficult thing. You must always keep in mind that it’s all about the baby. Inspiration is everything and you should let the baby inspire you. Try to observe the details, look at the child’s eyes, how he smiles and how he sleeps. Take your time with the baby, don’t try to force a scene, just let the baby yawn and move. Don’t worry about getting a perfect cinematic shot, it’s not a competition, it’s you preserving a memory, something you’d look back on twenty years from now and still smile.

When photographing newborns, there are two techniques that photographers like to you and you as the parent should know which one would be better for yours. The first one is called posed sessions, this usually works for children who’re very sleepy and you can set them into in to poses without disturbing them. This method involves the use of props such as blankets or hats and gives a studio-ish feeling to the photos, there’s also a decent amount of editing involved and entire attention of the photograph is on the child. The second method is called lifestyle sessions. This is much more organic photography, more natural elements are involved and this can even be used for children older than a month. It allows for the child to move and stretch, the backgrounds are livelier instead of just sheets and monochromatic backdrops. With this type of photography, the parents can also be a part of the picture. It’s always a good idea to showcase the mom and dad with the baby, maybe even his siblings to complete the family.

Setting the scene is a very important aspect of the photography. The photography should be in some place the child feels comfortable and cozy. Newborns look best in minimal clothing so it’s a good idea to stay in a warm room with lots of light so you don’t have to resort to flash photography. Be methodical about your approach, you don’t want to regret missing a moment later on.

In the end, just remember that this is something entirely for your family memories; don’t let clichés wander you away into something you don’t want. If the baby doesn’t want to pose for a certain shot, don’t force him into it just because you like that shot, be flexible about your ideas, instead of taking the shot you think would be great, take the one the child is offering you at that moment. Newborn baby pictures are extremely overwhelming, dripping with cuteness and incredibly powerful. Feel the moment and don’t let it go to waste.