Pregnancy Photography

Pregnancy Photography

Pregnancy is one the most exciting, joyous, tense and memorable experiences any couple goes through. Taking maternity photos can be a great idea to store these precious moments for the years to come. The mother to be may feel nauseated and sick but to the world she looks like a gorgeous woman ready to bring a new life to this world. Pregnancy is a special and amazing time for any woman and so you don’t have to be afraid to take your pictures just because you look “fat”.

This is time filled with tons of memories and you don’t want to regret later on life to miss out on capturing these beautiful moments. These are the feelings, emotions and memories you might never go through in life again. Pregnancy photography can be source of leisure to the mother, give her a moment to laugh and relieve her stresses a bit.

It all starts from inspiration, make sure the pictures reflect who you are as a person and what you’re going to be as a mother. Pregnancy photography isn’t a very easy job and most regular photographers won’t know how to execute to. Do your research and find yourself a photographer who does know how to make the magic happen. Welcome all ideas, try to be creative and think how the picture would pan out.  The theme can be anywhere from casual to elegant depending on how you want it to be. Maternity photos are also great tool to bring your partner closer. Not only does his/her inclusion in the picture add depth to the shot but your couple also becomes closer. If you already have kids bringing them in the photos can be a very interesting idea too, let them show their excitement for the arrival of their new sibling.

There shouldn’t be anything complex about the pictures, they should be simple and make the mother feel beautiful about herself.  It’s important to never try to duplicate shots, don’t think that if this shot looked perfect when your friend did it, you should do it too. Try something out of the box and don’t shoot something that’s already been shot before. Posing for pregnancy photos can be a tricky thing because there’s no one particular style when it comes to maternity photography. The pose should appear natural and comfortable. A classic “hands on the belly” seldom goes wrong but you should experiment with different postures and angles to see which one suits you the best.

Locations are another difficult thing to pick in pregnancy photos, you can capture great images both indoors and outdoors to get the perfect picture. As far as the lighting is concerned, make sure you have a level of warmth in the photos so it doesn’t feel gloomy. This is a place a professional photographer will prove to be worth your money as he would know the right angles, foci and lighting to shoot with. Adding props is another thing one could try to make things a little different. But the most important thing in any maternity photograph is confidence. The mom shouldn’t look weak and nauseated in the photos, she should look like a proud and happy woman going through a beautiful experience.

In the end, it’s best to make the mother feel happy about the photos. It’s not for someone else, it’s her personal time to be the star and soak up all the limelight which she deserves. To all the interested women out there, maternity photography isn’t a foolish activity, it really gives you something to cherish and it’s not as expensive as you might think so consider it a task for your pregnancy.